Managing Partner

Rachel Hogancamp is the co-founder of Rasa Spa, in partnership with Cayuga Medical Center and Island Health and Fitness. A licensed massage therapist since 1994, Rachel has taught classes at the Finger Lakes School of Massage (FLSM) in most massage modalities, as well as in the areas of communication skills and business for massage therapists, while growing her own committed clientèle. An active member of her community, Rachel has focused her volunteer work on serving the needs of those with particular health challenges. To that end, Rachel has been a supporter of the AIDS Ride since its inception, as well as for the Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes. An avid and accomplished photographer, and a supporter of the visual arts, everywhere you look at Rasa you will see the work of local artists.

When the opportunity came to open Rasa, Rachel was eager to create a full-service spa, dedicated to serving the whole person, and for the spa to be not simply a place of luxury, but a fully-integrated part of the health care offered in the entire Island Health complex. It is Rachel’s singular vision to communicate her passion for achieving whole body health to the greater Ithaca and nationwide spa communities, and her overreaching hope that the spa will be able to serve the needs of the widest possible array of people from our community who are all on the path to achieving their best health. She can be reached at:

Therapists & Service Providers

Brittany Angie (Licensed Massage Therapist) began her massage career in 1999, when she attended the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca. After practicing for several years in Rochester, NY, she began exploring the country, bringing her practice to Austin, TX, and then Portland, ME. Over the years she has worked in a variety of environments, including health care, chiropractic, spas, and with top acts in the performing arts industry. She is thrilled after 17 years, to be back where it all began. Brittany believes that in this modern world we no longer live as nature intended, and it has taken a toll on our bodies. Massage and bodywork should not be viewed as a luxury, but a necessary part of our lives. Specializing in deep muscles relief, relaxation, and stress relief, Brittany customizes every session to meet each clients individual needs. She is available Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at Rasa’s main location and Wednesdays at Community Corners.

Leah Arpadi (Licensed Massage Therapist) intends to foster a holistic approach to healing that uses neuromuscular and deep tissue therapies to integrate the mind and body as they move toward seeking a natural, healthful equilibrium. She appreciates massage therapy as preemptive health care, as it encourages stress reduction and increases mind/body awareness. In this vein, she likes to incorporate full body flushes through traditional Swedish techniques with slower, more deeply focused work to address habituated patterns of tension. Leah is excited to collaboratively design a unique session for each client, building upon their interests and insights. Leah is available by request.

Kaitlyn Bobik (Licensed Esthetician) found her love of skincare after a trip to the dermatologist in high school. After some research, and trial and error, she was able to successfully balance her own skin. Wanting to pass on the confidence boost that came with clear skin, she discovered the wide world of esthetics. Kaitlyn is a graduate of the Esthetics Program at GST BOCES. Her favorite part of being an esthetician goes beyond skincare. She enjoys creating bonds with her clients and making their day better.

Katie Barnes (Licensed Massage Therapist) moved to Ithaca in September 2010 to start massage school at FLSM. On the first day, she knew she had found her new love. She was in awe of the art of massage and fell in love with FLSM and the Ithaca area. Her interest in massage stems from two different people in her life: The first, her grandmother. Her feet were always cold and achy. She didn’t like for anyone to look at her feet, but would let Katie soak and massage them. The simple soak and rub drastically improved her circulation and they felt warm again. The second is her father, a Navy SEAL who lost his left leg in the Vietnam War. Katie watched him struggle with pain her entire life until her family figured out that an hour of massage leaves him pain-free for almost a week. Katie believes in a wide variety of modalities in her practice and is an excellent deep tissue practitioner. Her main focus is to center her sessions around each client’s needs. Katie is available at Rasa Saturday through Tuesday.

Avi Baumgold (Licensed Massage Therapist) is one of our most experienced massage therapists. Combining his passion for sustainability with a lifelong background in martial arts, dance, and yoga, he views massage and the healing arts as a way to sustain body, mind, and spirit; and to offer a sense of ease and self-awareness as tools for moving through the world. Avi specializes in connective tissue therapy, also referred to as deep tissue therapy. His primary areas of focus are the neck, shoulders, and hips. Avi’s continued training in shiatsu, biodynamic cranial sacral therapy, and connective tissue therapy creates an approach that blends those modalities with neuromuscular therapy and Swedish massage to understand everybody’s individual story; whether there is chronic pain or simply a need to reduce stress. He believes that our bodies hold the story of how we live, and that we are continually rewriting that story in our body’s tissue. His love of shiatsu and Eastern theory inspire him to bring balance to his sessions. Avi can be booked on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and by request.

Britney Bennett (Licensed Massage Therapist) graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Massage in 2016. She’s eager to be able to try new things, and bring different techniques to each session based on her clients’ needs. She is very grateful to be able connect to as many clients as she can get her hands on. Her compassion for others, along with her friendly smile, allows a warm and welcoming atmosphere for every massage. She loves what she does and does what she loves – how much better can it get? Britney is available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays.

Deanna Brodsky (Licensed Massage Therapist) has lived in Ithaca her whole life, but didn’t discover FLSM until 2015. Always in a state of learning and staying curious, she looks upon each client with fresh, new eyes. She customizes each session to the client’s long-term and short-term goals. Educating others on their own bodies is one of her ambitions in hopes of living in a world where people are walking tall and pain-free. Taking a holistic approach, this is where Eastern and Western medicine meet. Does the mind affect the body, or does the body affect the mind? To be safe, Deanna takes everything into consideration: emotions, energy, and of course the body. She has a more integrated massage, but absolutely loves the effectiveness of deep tissue, and with her patient approach, relaxation is inevitable. Deanna is available Wednesday 3-9pm and Sundays 3:30-8pm.

Julianne Brower (Licensed Massage Therapist) describes her work as integrative. Her motives are to improve the quality of life for each individual she works with, whether that means relieving them of chronic muscle pain, or stress that can manifest into pain. She is trained in many modalities, and uses a combination of techniques to address each individual problem. She enjoys doing deep, medical massage and working with injuries or pathologies to improve quality of life. Julianne is available on Sundays and Wednesdays at Rasa’s main location and is at the Cayuga Medical Center on Thursdays and Fridays.

Willow Brown (Licensed Massage Therapist) graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Massage in 2013. He was introduced to massage and holistic medicine by his mother at an early age when she would practice on him. His style is influenced by Shiatsu, range of motion work, myofascial release, and Swedish modalities. Willow feels that massage is a great way to assist the body in blood circulation, relaxation of the mind, and restoration of the body’s connective tissues. He is interested in providing pain relief and opportunities to learn how to tune into the discomforts in the body. Willow is available by request.

Angie Carlin (Licensed Esthetician) is a graduate from the Continental School Of Beauty. Angie has made skincare her passion, and enjoys making everyone feel and look their best. With a wide range of expertise, from age corrective treatments to problem skin, Angie has the experience and knowledge to help everyone with any and all skincare concerns. It is her objective to fulfill your needs. Skincare is a top concern for most women and it is her priority to deliver results and make sure everyone leaves understanding the proper way to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize. Angie enjoys spending time with her two daughters while she is home and traveling to different areas of NY to capture special moments. It is her passion to build great relationships with her clients. She has worked in the skincare industry for 17 years and enjoys educating women about skincare and treatments for all skin types. Angie is available Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Meredith Carpenter (Director of Staff Development) specializes in deep tissue work. Her engaging, attentive massage addresses injuries, chronic pain, and habitual patterns of tension. She is adept and fluent in working with low back pain, postural difficulties, sciatica, neck and shoulder issues, TMJ dysfunction, and athletic injuries. She is a passionate educator and is devoted to helping clients learn about and how to care for their own bodies. Meredith has been practicing massage for over seven years and has additional training in Meridian Massage (acupressure), myofascial release in the neck and jaw, biodynamic cranial sacral therapy, and aromatherapy. Meredith is not taking new clients at this time.

Sarah Costonis, L. Ac., has been practicing massage and manual therapy since 1998, and acupuncture since 2005. She weaves a deeply nurturing space for her clients, expertly treating from the superficial fascia and lymph passageways down to the deep muscles, nerves, and brain. Sarah loves to unpack layer after layer of tension, leaving you floating out of the room, and creating a deep memory of relaxation that your body can return to as a new baseline. With acupuncture and craniosacral therapy treatments, Sarah can treat a range of physical and emotional disorders. She specializes in working with headaches and neck pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, women’s health, and immune system and digestive health.

Sarah graduated from the Sarasota School of Natural Healing Arts in 1998, received a BA cum laude in Religious Studies at Macalester College in 2000, and her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at East-West College in Sarasota, FL, in 2005. She studied craniosacral therapy extensively with the Upledger Institute and the Castellino Foundation; lymphatic drainage with Bruno Chikly at the CHI Institute; and neuro-muscular therapy and myofascial release with Center Point Therapy. She has also studied extensively with visionary teachers such as Ruben Orellana of Cusco, Peru, Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) of the Picuris and Ute tribes in NM, and Randall Barolet, author of the crucial and elegant textbook, Foundations of Chinese Medicine: Formulas and Strategies.

She would love to bring her years of hands on experience and clinical training to benefit your health and well-being. Sarah is available on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, and by request.

Shimon Darwick (Licensed Massage Therapist) has had his work described by long term clients as superb—playful, yet focused and deep. He combines his understanding of the body, technique, and mindfulness into sessions that both meet his clients’ needs and open a door to deeper awareness of body, mind, and heart. Shimon has studied and worked at the Omega Institute since the age of 15, learning a multitude of holistic practices for everyday living.  As faculty at Omega in New York and Blue Spirit in Costa Rica, he has facilitated his passions of mindful touch, yoga, laughter therapy, nutrition, and life coaching. He is excited to join the holistic healing team at Rasa and to serve the great Ithaca community. Shimon specializes in mindful deep tissue work that targets shoulder wear and tear, chronic neck pain, sciatica, the lower back, and the hamstrings. He brings awareness, focus, and playfulness to all of his individualized sessions. You can expect to breathe deeper and feel more expansive and grounded at the end of each of his session. Shimon is at Rasa on Sundays and Tuesdays, and at the Cayuga Medical Center on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Jessica Decker (Licensed Esthetician) graduated from FLSM in 2000 and went on to work as a medical massage therapist before making the transition to skincare exclusively. She was drawn to facial massage, skin sensitivities and allergies, and attending to the skin’s health. She attended Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics in Manhattan to study skincare and offers a gentle and aware touch. Jessica is at Rasa on Tuesdays and the first Sunday of each month.

Jessie Dixon (Licensed Massage Therapist) has a medical approach with an eastern medicine emphasis. His focus uses energetic massage with a variety of modalities to fit every client’s needs for healing and relaxation. Jessie can incorporate deep tissue and neuromuscular tissue massage but also switch to energy palpation/polarity therapy and reflexology for a lighter touch. Jesse is available Thursdays and Saturdays.

Viviani Drogalis (Licensed Massage Therapist) worked in retail for seven years before deciding to try a different career. She has always been passionate about providing service to people. When looking at career options, she never considered massage therapy until someone floated the idea to her. After touring the Finger Lakes School of Massage, she knew the environment and energy was for her. Vivi fell in love with massage, taking in the different modalities and learning to connect with clients on an energetic level. In a word, she believes massage is beautiful. Vivi can be booked on Saturdays, Sundays, and by request.

Daniell Dubord (Licensed Massage Therapist) is a graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage. Having taught yoga previously she has attained nearly 5 years of bodywork experience. Today, Daniell’s massage is inspired by movement, play, and knowledge of the human body. She practices methods from modalities such as Swedish, shiatsu, connective tissue therapy, range of motion, and energetic therapies. She is eager to continue helping others reach their fullest potential and self care goals.  With knowledge of the many functions of the body and muscle motions through yoga, a massage with Daniell is an integrative and creative full body and mind experience.   She is available Fridays and Saturdays.

Katherine Gabelmann (Licensed Massage Therapist) graduated from the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy, and has been practicing massage for over 16 years. Katherine believes that massage plays an important role in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Her work experience includes 6 years in the medical massage field, where she worked in a thriving rehabilitation center alongside physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and osteopaths. Katherine then moved to Manhattan and transitioned to a luxury spa setting. She worked at the Trump International Hotel and Tower and the famous Waldorf-Astoria New York, where she had the pleasure of treating international business people, professional athletes, and celebrities. She then made a return to her upstate New York roots, choosing Ithaca to start her family. Katherine’s intention is to provide wellness with a combination of deep tissue and relaxation through therapeutic touch that is personalized to fit each client’s needs. She is available at Rasa on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and by request.

Erin Gardosh (Licensed Massage Therapist) graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy-Relgion in 2015. She then went on to attend the Finger Lakes School of Massage in hopes of bridging the gap between the mind and body. She wishes to promote a more holistic idea of wellness as she practices therapeutic massage through presence, compassion and gratitude. Erin enjoys incorporating Shiatsu, Connective Tissue Therapy, Kinesthetic Awareness and Reflexology within Swedish sessions. She also loves to utilize scalp and neck work for clients suffering from headaches or those who need to destress. Erin is available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Brian Grafstein (LMT) is an almuni of the Finger Lakes School of Massage.  Brian is a firm believer in creating a relaxing, healing environment fine tuned for each massage based upon the individual needs. Each session combines his communication skills with his knowledge of the body, technique, and mindfulness to meet the clients goals, along with helping them achieve a deeper connection to body and mind.
Brian enjoys a wide variety of massage modalities, practicing techniques from Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, MyoFascial and Kinesthetic roots, as well as incorporating range of motion theory to facilitate healthy circulation throughout the massage and beyond.  Brian is also a certified Usui Reiki Master and has a deep connection with energy work.
Each session that Brian performs is created on a client to client basis according to their needs, melding together benefits of massage grounded in the medicinal realm as well as those of pure relaxation.  He has amassed a wealth of knowledge on common pathologies, including many that present in the form of sciatic pain, carpal pain, and many times neck, shoulder, and back pain. Receiving a massage from Brian is both deeply relaxing and healing for both the body and the mind. You can find Brian at Rasa by calling guest services and requesting a session with him.  His schedule is flexible and if you can’t find him on a good day for you he would be open to scheduling for a day that works for everyone.
Sarah Jones LMT Rasa Spa

Sarah Jones (Licensed Massage Therapist) is a true massage artist. She puts her whole mind and body into each and every massage. This is Sarah’s way of working to improve the bodies and lives of her fellow community members. Sarah is able to feel the body’s needs. She finds problem areas and is able to address them through numerous techniques such as connective tissue therapy, friction, and other modalities. She offers smooth, flowing massage, working the body’s muscles into a relaxed state and allowing clients to accept the deep relief they require to function properly and allow for greater movement and overall wellness. Sarah is able to assess the individual needs of each person, listening to what they have to say (as well as what their body has to say). Book a massage with Sarah for a truly amazing and personalized massage. She is available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Christopher Keller (Licensed Massage Therapist) can be described as “a gentle spirit with strong convictions.” A 2011 graduate of FLSM, Christopher is also a certified Aromatherapy Consultant and has an additional certification in reflexology. He has also been studying craniosacral rhythms with the Upledger Institute since 2015.  Each session Christopher gives commands his undivided attention to establish trust and security, ensuring his clients the ability to relax and their body to be supported.

Christopher’s goal is to provide a safe and nurturing temple by addressing each individual’s needs, whether the session requires a more Swedish approach, faster circulatory inducing movements, or a more intentional and deeper focused session to unwind the patterns of tension. Some of his favorite modalities utilized are connective tissue therapy, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, reflexology, and Shiatsu. Reflexology is a great way to introduce touch to a person with body sensitivities that can affect the entire systemic patterns of a being. Some of Christopher’s specialties include frozen shoulder, any neck injuries—especially scalene and occipital ridge congestion—low back pain, and any sports related trauma. In addition to physical trauma, Christopher is well equipped to decipher and untangle some of the emotional traumas people encounter on the daily. Through bio energetic connection and deep Cranio rhythm palpation, together, you can elevate out of any somber mood. Christopher is currently available Wednesday Friday.

Meghan Kerr (Licensed Massage Therapist) is a 2011 graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage.  Meghan’s style is nurturing, intuitive, and client-focused. She tailors each session to the individual with the intention of providing deep relaxation and a space for the body’s innate healing ability to engage. Integrating structure and energy, Meghan’s sessions combine a variety of healing modalities to relieve areas of chronic pain and habitual tension. Meghan is available at Rasa on Thursdays, Sundays, and by appointment.

Rebecca Leach (Licensed Massage Therapist) is an artist whose kind heart brings forth her attentive presence, creating a session that is both thorough and centered on the needs of each individual. Her passion for interpersonal connection, health, movement, and the process of supporting one another led her to study massage at FLSM. Becca has her own intuitive approach to the art of massage, a three dimensional art form. She melts areas of tension, and uses gentle stretches and rhythmic movements to quiet the mind and lull the body into a deep state of relaxation. “Something marvelous happens when one allows themselves to be nurtured in a totally safe environment,” Becca says, “allowing the breath to be the guide towards peace and comfort.” Becca is available on Fridays, Sundays, and Mondays.

Heather Leary (Licensed Massage Therapist and Cosmetologist) has a background in Human Biology, Nutrition Science, and almost a decade of working in the skincare and beauty industry, then went on to become of graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage. She is in love with the human body both inside and out, and has carried this passion into her practice. Her training in deep modalities like neuromuscular and connective tissue therapies create a state of deep relaxation and pain relief, while her foundation in esthetics and anti-aging massage help to rejuvenate. Heather believes that there is beauty in helping those who wish to find comfort, refreshment and vibrancy, and is passionate about using her skills to create balance and joy. Heather is at Rasa Tuesday through Saturday.

Hannah Leseman

Hannah Leseman (Licensed Massage Therapist) enjoys a variety of massage modalities and uses a combination of Swedish, trigger point therapy, energy work, range of motion, and connective tissue therapy (deep tissue) often in her sessions as well as client education to promote healing and wellness in everyday life.

Leana Love-Fabian (Licensed Esthetician) attended the Continental school of Beauty in 2004 and has loved being an Aesthetician ever since.  Her love of skincare started long before when she was a little girl with face masks, bubble bath and makeup.  She promotes good skincare practices, not solely to benefit the look of your skin, but also for the fulfillment that caring for yourself brings. Leana brings her broad spectrum of knowledge and experience to each session and tailors the treatment towards the client’s desires and needs. Most of all she shares her love and warmth with the sincere intention to uplift and inspire. Leana is at Rasa on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Sarah Marshall (Licensed Massage Therapist) has found inspiration for her work through each client she has had the privilege of meeting and working with through compassionate touch. Because of this, she has begun to focus her career in the direction of medical massage. She finds joy in giving each of her clients a unique and personal session based on the needs they feel in their body and mind. Having received continued education and certification in oncology massage, she can create a session that addresses the physical and emotional needs for those in chronic pain. She incorporates this training in sessions with all her clients, providing the utmost care when she uses her other massage techniques that include Swedish, trigger point work, KAM, connective tissue therapy, and shiatsu points. Sarah Raymond underwent an intensive oncology massage education program last month, and is eager to share her new knowledge with oncology patients who can benefit greatly from massage therapy. Sarah is an educated therapist who knows exactly what to ask oncology patients so that their needs are addressed appropriately during session, whether that means special consideration for skin irritation due to radiation, or simply great care in positioning the body comfortably. She offers a safe place for communication and physical and emotional release. Sarah received her oncology massage education from Tracy Walton and Associates in 2017, and is registered with the Society for Oncology Massage. Sarah is also Manual Lymphatic Drainage certified. She is available Thursday through Sunday.

Emily Melcher (Licensed Massage Therapist) is a graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage. She has a BA from Hamilton College and is also a registered nurse. She has lived in Ithaca since 2002. Coming from the medical profession, Emily has a strong desire to help people to feel better. She feels that deep relaxation brought on by massage is the perfect place to start. Her massage technique combines Swedish strokes with connective tissue therapy and trigger point therapy. Emily loves to individualize her sessions to meet her clients’ needs. She is available on Tuesdays and by request.

Owen Mann (Licensed Massage Therapist) Owen has an intergrative approach to each massage that he does. He focuses on the client’s needs at the time of the session,breaking through the tension with a strong yet calm touch. HOwen is a 2015 graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage. He is an emerging internationally known ceramic sculptor.

Stephanie Moore, LMT Rasa Spa

Stephanie Moore (Licensed Massage Therapist) graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Massage in 2016. She had previously obtained her Bachelor’s of Science in Clinical Health Studies from Ithaca College in 2014, but felt that physical therapy alone wasn’t attending to all of her patients’ issues. Stephanie deeply knows and respects the body, and felt that deep emotional issues and lack of touch could manifest into detrimental physical conditions. At massage school, she fell in love with the trade. Stephanie has an in-depth education of the body and all its systems, is experienced with multiple pathologies (most specifically soft tissue injuries), and is very knowledgeable about the shoulders, neck, knees, and lower and upper back. She’s been told she has good “listening hands” and is able to give a very thorough massage. Her main focus is around the client’s needs and she enjoys a wide variety of modalities, from swedish to shiatsu, deep tissue to medical massage, and is currently studying Integrated Energy Therapy and Reiki. Stephanie always aims to give the gift of a freshly rejuvenated mind and body, leaving you in a grounded, calm, collected state of being. She is available on Saturdays and Sundays.

Amy Nappi (Licensed Massage Therapist) is a graduate of Finger Lakes School of Massage.  In her practice, she specializes in Connective Tissue Therapy, Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, Energy Work, and Sports Massage.  She is currently studying Craniosacral energy work.  Her goal as a Massage Therapist is to assist and invite clients to actively participate in their own health and wellness.  During her spare time she enjoys mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding, and canoeing.  Amy is currently on a leave of absence.

Marie Parks (Licensed Massage Therapist) is a graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage. After searching and experiencing different avenues to help people, she has found where she’s gifted, impacting many as a massage therapist. She is interested in not only how massage relieves pain and decreases stress, but its overall holistic effects to promoting good health. Her heart is to be a vessel for healing and desires her clients to find relief physically, mentally and emotionally as she customizes each session to the specific needs of the individual. Marie intuitively integrates massage modalities, such as deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and stretching along with Swedish, to stimulate the body to function at more optimum levels, minimizing pain, stress and discomfort. She believes the practice of bodywork can play a significant part in escorting people to a more peaceful state of being. Marie is available on Wednesdays.

Hannah Polanko-Baker LMT Rasa Spa

Hannah Polanko-Baker graduated from FLSM in 2016. Two years after blowing her knee out, a weekly connective tissue session on her hamstrings helped to aid and even shorten the long healing process. Since then, she couldn’t stop thinking about what a miracle it was and finally found her self wanting to help other athletes with holistic medicine. Hannah believes massage can help aid in preventing injuries, or assist in healing injuries that have already occurred–whether it’s stress and overused muscles, or even post-surgery. She loves to work with athletes and do specific, deep work involving Swedish massage, connective tissue therapy, and trigger point. As an avid CrossFitter, she believes that massage can be very beneficial to every day life. Hannah is available by request.

Sarah Scheiber (Licensed Waxing Specialist and Reiki Master) consciously works to affirm self understanding and self value. As a waxing specialist, Sarah’s work offers refined, cared for beauty. Likewise, her energy work cultivates a space to connect with your experiences and your authentic self. For Sarah, the intuition to define individual beauty through waxing and to care for energetic beauty are linked; this relationship guides Sarah’s compassionate hands to help clients radiate their grandest self actualization. Her attunement as a Reiki Master Teacher and ARCH practitioner, education in health and wellness, and her passion to co-create with clients make Sarah an able console to all wellness routines. She is at Rasa on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Kendra Shaw Rasa Spa Ithaca NY
Kendra Shaw (Licensed Massage Therapist) graduated from Finger Lakes School of Massage in 2014. Her goal is to be able to connect individuals to their mind, body, and spirits through her touch. Although her sessions incorporate several different modalities to help clients reach their personal goals, she is passionate about using slow Swedish, Connective Tissue-like strokes to communicate with muscles more effectively. Kendra has a desire to continuously gain knowledge to add to her repertoire of healing skills. She is currently studying esthetics at BOCES and is expected to graduate in March of 2018. She is excited to add another professional skill that will help clients gain confidence while reaching their ultimate relaxation. Kendra is available on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
Leo Rasa Spa LMT

Leo Vazenios (Licensed Massage Therapist) is motivated in his bodywork to create a deep sense of relaxation while targeting deep muscular and connective tissue  through an amalgam of styles. He has been most influenced by the principles of Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, deep Swedish, Connective Tissue Therapy, and Shiatsu. He graduated from the School of Finger Lakes School of Massage in 2017. Leo can be booked on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Trisha Vendryes (Licensed Massage Therapist) is a graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage.  She is grateful for the ability to provide the art of therapeutic massage to others supporting their physical and emotional well-being.  Every massage is performed with care, intention, and mindfulness, promoting a relaxation response in the body to facilitate healing from within.  The sessions are crafted according to the specific needs of each client.  She describes her work as integrative, combining different massage techniques including Deep Swedish, Myofascial Release, Energy Work, stretching, and movement. Trisha is at Rasa Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Dex White (Licensed Massage Therapist) graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Massage, has been working as a massage therapist since 2000, and is now an instructor at FLSM.  His sessions usually incorporate Swedish, connective tissue therapy, Reiki, and other energy work. Dex truly enjoys following his intuition and responding to his client’s needs in the moment and he places great importance on laughter and play. He can be booked on Tuesdays, and by request.

Edith Will (Licensed Massage Therapist) specializes in deep tissue massage and believes in restoring the natural balance that each body deserves. She was trained in massage at the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage and has been practicing since the day after graduation. Through her work, emphasis is placed on individuality and a holistic approach to wellbeing. She can be booked Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, and by request.

Rose Zonetti (Licensed Massage Therapist) has always had a passion for holistic health, and her interest in bodywork as a mode of personal and community healing has deepened through her bodywork practice. Rose’s deeply affecting bodywork helps her clients find balance and ease through a combination of deep tissue, stretching, and Shiatsu techniques. She aims to facilitate healing and empower individuals to be agents of change for both themselves and those around them. Rose believes that promoting holistic health among individuals is key to promoting healthy communities. Rose is available by request.

Special Care Providers

Astrid Jirka (Yoga Instructor) is a certified advanced Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga teacher. She has been teaching since 2004 in many different venues, including wellness and fitness centers, yoga studios, and private settings. She teaches with a well-rounded focus on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels of the yoga practice in order to achieve positive health and well-being. The physical aspects include the goal of creating a balance between strength and flexibility an overall balanced and healthy lifestyle. Essential to this concept is deep awareness and control of the breath and the ability to look inward while remaining connected to the outside world. She is interested to assist people at any level who are looking to heal or enliven their bodies and lives through increased awareness and mobility.

Eleanor Liebson (Yoga Instructor) is a licensed Occupational Therapist, certified Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and certified Laughter Yoga Instructor. She brings 25 years of rehabilitative experience and ongoing continuing education to her yoga therapy practice. Eleanor has taught numerous specialty yoga classes for pregnancy, breast cancer survivors, Parkinsonism, arthritis, osteoporosis, senior chair yoga, special needs children’s yoga, and also provides one-on-one yoga therapy for persons with unique orthopedic and neurological conditions such as those with spinal issues, stroke, MS, CP, chronic pain, and emotional dysregulation. She incorporates stress management into her outpatient occupational therapy (OT) practice where she works for Cayuga Medical Center at the Brentwood PT clinic and has taught stress management workshops at TC3 and yoga in the Physical Therapy Department at Ithaca College.

Melinda Matzell Grannan (Yoga Instructor) is a Therapeutic Yoga Instructor, certified Sivananda Yoga teacher, and has been leading classes for more than 11 years. Her traditional Sivananda teaching continues to evolve, and integrates the influence of her course work and training with wonderful teachers such as Anodea Judith, Joseph Le Page, Erich Schiffmann, Paulie Zink, Paul Grilley and Leslie Kaminoff. Incorporating traditional breath work, mudras, chakras, and clear alignment cues, Melinda encourages self discovery and leads students to a greater sense of awareness about not just their physical bodies, but also about themselves. She believes a yoga practice can benefit the practitioner, their community, and the world, by guiding us to a place of deeper compassion and mindfulness.

Sara Worden (Yoga Instructor) is an Anusara Elements Teacher and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance.
Sara enjoys working with students of all abilities who want to go deeper into the natural world through experiencing their own body, mind, and breath in relationship to the environment around them. She offers Restorative Yoga and seasonal Farmscape Yoga workshops which incorporate her passion for outdoor body-mind practices and agriculture!

Guest Services & Administration

Abigail Funk-Gifford  (Spa Director) strives to help create amazing experiences for all of Rasa’s clients and a great working environment for all of Rasa’s staff. Abby graduated from Ithaca College in 2004, decided to spend the summer in Ithaca, and never left. An athlete and sports junkie at heart, she spent more than eight years as a writer and editor at a local sports publishing company before arriving at Rasa. She has been to spas across the country and is pleased to say that Rasa’s massage therapists, estheticians, and guest services members are among the very best! She can be reached at:

Mariah Dahl is the marketing director at Rasa Spa. She is incredibly passionate about helping people find a deeper sense of health, well-being and connection to their bodies. Mariah has over 7 years of experience working in marketing around health & wellness. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies from University at Albany. She is also a native to upstate New York. When she is not working you will find her Stand Up Paddle board racing around the region or dreaming about warm days and more Stand Up Paddle boarding!

Wendy Houseworth (Social Media and Outreach Coordinator) is an Ithaca native. After some years living in Wilmington, NC; Boston, MA; New Zealand and Manhattan, she has happily declared Ithaca her home once again. Wendy received her massage certification in 2001 while living in Wilmington. After two years of operating a private practice she realized that her potential could be more fully met on the administrative, marketing and public relations side of the business. She began fulfilling this role for a spa/health club in Wilmington and continued practicing massage privately. After moving back to Ithaca, Wendy changed career directions and moved into restaurant/business management (Stella’s, Inlet Island Cafe, Serendipity Catering & Gimme! Coffee) and then found her way back into wellness, and Rasa. Over the years, she has acquired an eye for detail and organization, marketing, graphic design and management.