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On Sale in June: Scrubs, Wraps + Rituals

15% off Monday - Thursday and 10% off Friday-Saturday


Our wraps are perfect for the elimination of toxins and hydration of skin.

From our selection of wraps you can choose to soothe sore muscles, nourish the skin, increase circulation, draw out impurities and toxins, reduce visible signs of aging, or focus on hydrating and firming.

*Note: If you are prone to claustrophobia, a wrap might not be a suitable treatment for you. Please call our guest services staff with any questions.


The red flower Rituals are intended to be a full sensory experience as your entire body is enveloped in the scents and textures of the oils and creams crafted with all-natural ingredients culled from ancient beauty and health rituals from Asia to Africa.

The Japan Ritual is a meditative and purifying treatment designed to revitalize, care for, and soften the whole person.

The Hammam Ritual is rooted in traditions from Turkish bathhouses, detoxifying and enlivening the body.


Our Sea Salt Scrub is hydrating and high in vitamins and antioxidants to naturally exfoliate the skin without over-drying.

Our Ohana Gingergrass Scrub is slightly more abrasive and has stimulating, purifying properties that will make your skin feel sloughed, clean, and soft. Though it’s great for all skin types, this scrub can be especially advantageous for those with oilier skin.

The Lemon Coffee Olive Stone Scrub is our most abrasive. Fine granules exfoliate dead skin cells, stimulate circulation, and soften and smooth the skin. These three scrubs come from the red flower line of products.