I was born in Burlington, Vermont and lived in the Bay Area for a good part of my life: I got the best of both coasts some say. I come from a family of artists and started making art at a young age: editions of rainbows, age three. I studied printmaking and photography at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and have been focused on my art career ever since. Over the last 20 years I have had numerous solo shows and participated in many group shows nationally and internationally. My work is in many private collections world wide.

Some of the work I make is more environmentally and politically inspired and to balance that work out, I also make work that is lighter in subject matter, but still has a boldness and power that has always been present in my work. Petite Blue is one of the collections. www.PetiteBlue.com

I currently live and work in Ithaca, NY with my husband, Jason and daughter, Lucia. When I am not working on my art, I help to run Comet Skateboards, the family business.

To see more work go to: www.kadiesalfi.com

Thank you, Kadie