These photographs are about light and texture and time and water and memory.

I have been making photographs for more than 40 years. I grew up in the sixties and seventies and was inspired by, moved, and shaken by the images from those decades. Women’s rights, segregation, the Vietnam war, assassinations and a host of other mark-making events and their photographs were forever embedded in my psyche and mind’s eye. I think visually and see
photographs constantly even when my hands are void of a camera.

I returned to Ithaca, for the third time, seven years ago.  I teach photography part-time at Ithaca College and have a  photography business doing mostly editorial and commercial work.

The work in this exhibit is a collection of a few genres that keep returning (like I do to Ithaca)  – that I continue to explore. One is pairing images as diptychs. The images can stand alone but become something totally new when displayed with another. The other group of work, the Swim Study series started with the Diver and a few others I made during the summer after college. I started exploring black and white infrared film in school and I loved the way it translated and transformed water and skin tones. I have wanted to continue to work with this genre and finally, after many years,  was able to make these images this past summer at a friend’s pond.

I am  thankful to Rasa Spa for the opportunity to share this work with you.

I can be reached at 754-422-4233 or