As we all try to settle in to the “new normal” of spending as much time at home as we can these days, here at Rasa we’re expanding our definition of self care. And we invite you to do the same. We’re pretty good at it, if we do say so ourselves!

We wouldn’t want you to forget your traditional self care rituals like receiving massage or a facial, your yoga or meditation practice, your daily walk, or anything else in that realm. But we do have a unique opportunity, if you will, to explore some other more time-intensive options right now. Here’s what some of our staff members have been doing over the past few weeks:

Arts and crafts – One of our massage therapists pulled out her tie-dyeing materials a couple of weeks ago and is back at it! Another found that she suddenly had the time to spend on art pieces that include lake glass she finds on her daily walks by the water. Our owner Rachel has been able to pick up her camera more. What is your long-lost craft you’ve been longing to get back to? A hobby you’ve always wanted to try?

Moving more deeply – For a few of our yogi staff members, this time and space has allowed them to deepen their practice. One of our Guest Services team members has instituted a morning stretching routine so she doesn’t forget to move every day.

Taking on caring for others – As long as it’s something you can sustain when you return to your “regular” daily routine, now is a fabulous time to bring home a new pet. One of our therapists has new chickens to care for, which has been an educational (and fun!) exercise for his daughter as well.

Home improvement – There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to give your abode a little lift, and make you feel accomplished. That home improvement to-do list in your head? Write it down and make a start.

Although some of these ideas might not seem like they would full under the self care category per se, there is no denying they don’t make us feel better. The mind needs exercise as well, and we’ve surely learned that over these past few weeks. Join us as we continue to expand our self-care horizons. Be well.