If you’re seeking natural-looking fuller and longer eyelashes, our semi-permanent eyelash extensions are for you! Each lash is applied individually and meticulously by our lash experts. We don’t use strips of lashes and lashes are not applied directly to your skin, so extensions are long lasting and comfortable to wear. All lash services (except for removal) come with a day pass if you’d like to come early or stay late and use the facilities.

Important notes for lash extensions clients:

-Please arrive with all eye makeup and any eye creams removed.
-Please remove contact lenses prior to appointment time.
-You cannot allow your eyes to get wet for 24 hours following the application of extensions (full set and/or fills), so you may want to shower ahead of your appointment.
– We recommend fills every two to three weeks. Please book a full set if more than three weeks has elapsed since your last fill.
-If you are looking for a fill but have extensions on that were not applied by Heather or Chanelle, you will need to book a removal and full set.