Rasa offers three types of chemical peels: lactic acid, alpha beta, and MandeliClear. All three of these peels are from Circadia, a well-respected skincare company that Rasa has been working with for years.

The lactic acid peel is great broad spectrum peel for all skin types, including aging and acneic skin. Using a blend of acids to exfoliate without harshness, irritation, or inflammation, the alpha beta peel produces little to no stinging sensation. The MandeliClear peel system is specifically for pigmentation issues. All three chemical peels are great broad spectrum peels and well tolerated by most skin types, though are not recommended for anyone with hypersensitive or highly allergic skin; nor those who have used Accutane within the past year or a Retin-A treatment within the past week. They are also not recommended for those pregnant or nursing.

Rasa also offers an array of Eminence Organics peels, including the yam and pumpkin enzyme and blueberry detox if you prefer to use organic-only products on your skin.