The red flower Rituals are unlike any other service Rasa offers. They are intended to more directly connect you to a full sensory experience as your entire body is enveloped in the scents and textures of the oils and creams crafted with all-natural ingredients culled from ancient beauty and health rituals from Asia to Africa.

The Japan Ritual begins with our ohana gingergrass scrub, which is buffed off. After cleansing, a rice bran buff and plum mist follow. Finally, Shiatsu stretches, compressions, kneading, and tapotement before a wild lime oil and plum blossom silk cream application. This ritual is a meditative and purifying treatment designed to revitalize, care for, and soften the whole person.

The Hammam Ritual begins with our lemon coffee olive stone scrub, followed by a clay application. After cleansing, a soft water mist follows, with a full-body massage incorporating cardamom amber oil. Finally, a tangerine fig butter cream application closes the session. This ritual is rooted in traditions from Turkish bathhouses, detoxifying and enlivening the body.