Rasa Spa serves the well-being of the whole person through healing, client empowerment, fostering a mindful community, and cultivating a tranquil, beautiful atmosphere.

To become a regional retreat for providing medically integrative care, holistic health services, and wellness education.

Since 2006, Rasa Spa is the only full-service, holistic healthcare spa actively cultivating wellness in the Finger Lakes region. Encompassing a wide range of natural, healing therapies and treatments, Rasa’s aim is to bring each client toward optimal, whole health. From waxing to energy work and skincare to massage, Rasa is a perfect synthesis of quality service and deep respect for natural healing.

Our Locations

Rasa Spa’s main location is on the second floor of the Cayuga Wellness Center and is a dedication to green building principles. The space is full of special corners where your body, mind, and spirit are engaged and taken out of their everyday routines.

When Rasa first opened its doors in partnership with Island Health & Fitness and the Cayuga Medical Center in 2006, this original location was meant to inspire an approach to living that is beautiful, whole, and healthy. The views of the water and proximity to IHF are a testament to how easy it can be to take care of your mind, body, and spirit, all in the same place.

Rasa’s original location offers everything on the service menu, and has all the perks of a full-service spa. Clients are encouraged to use and enjoy the locker room amenities, saunas, tranquility room, and meditation alcove before and/or after their appointment.

Our downtown space also houses our boutique, which is curated to pay homage to the enduring health and wellness of bodywork, skincare, and energy work. We proudly carry many  local products, as well as synergy clothing and the Eminence Organics, red flower, and EO lines.

310 Taughannock Boulevard

Rasa is proud to announce that our new space at 210 North Franklin Street above the Warren Real Estate office is now open! Enjoy an extensive menu of services, including massage (sports, prenatal, medical), couples massage, the ananda, facials, and waxing.

Though there are no changing rooms at this location, as always, you are encouraged to arrive early and/or stay late to enjoy the Tranquility Room space. Enjoy a cup of tea, meditate, or practice some self-led yoga in this lovely space.

Hours of operation are Wednesday through Sunday, 11 am to 7 pm. Rasa at Watkins Glen is bookable online via rasaspa.com. The direct phone number to Rasa at Watkins Glen is 607.654.7112.

Rasa at Watkins Glen Massage (including Couples, Medical, Sports, Prenatal, and Oncology)
30 min $55  •  60 min $90   •  90 min $125

Rasa at Watkins Glen Aromatherapy Massage
30 min $60   •  60 min $95   •  90 min $130

Rasa at Watkins Glen Reflexology
30 min $60   •  60 min $95

Rasa at Watkins Glen Hot Stone Massage
60 min $105   •  90 min $150

Rasa at Watkins Glen Ananda Hot Oil Scalp Treatment
30 min $60   •  60 min $100   •  90 min $140

Rasa at Watkins Glen Bodywork Add-Ons
Arnica oil $10 • Aromatherapy $10 •
Contrast Stones $10 • Full body Dry Brushing $15

Rasa at Watkins Glen Facials
30 min $60   •  60 min $95   •  90 min $130

Rasa at Watkins Glen Waxing
Please refer to our main location menu for facial and body waxing prices.

210 North Franklin Street

Rasa has two treatment rooms conveniently located within the Island Health & Fitness center at Community Corners. Here, we offer massage services at prices that reflect the difference of your spa experience without the full amenities of our downtown space. Our Community Corners clients are welcome to use the IHF locker room facilities before and/or after their appointments. Our second location enables Rasa to be accessible to everyone.

Rasa staffs a therapist at the Community Corners location Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm, and by request.

Rasa Massage, Medical, Sports, Prenatal, and Oncology at Community Corners
30 min $55  •  60 min $90   •  90 min $125

Aromatherapy Massage at Community Corners
30 min $60   •  60 min $95   •  90 min $130

Reflexology at Community Corners
30 min $60   •  60 min $95

Hot Stone Massage  at Community Corners
60 min $105   •  90 min $150

Ananda Hot Oil Scalp Treatment at Community Corners
30 min $60   •  60 min $100   •  90 min $140

Add-ons at Community Corners
Arnica oil $10 • Aromatherapy $10 •
Contrast Stones $10 • Full body Dry Brushing $15

903 Hanshaw Road

Rasa offers chair and/or table massage at CMC  Monday through Friday from 11 am to 5 pm, helping to keep patients, visitors, nurses, doctors, administrators, and support staff rejuvenated and cared for as they care for so many others. Visit Rasa just outside the birthing unit today! You can also call our room directly at 607-274-4011 x2027.

For more information on services available at the medical center and its satellite campuses, please click here.

101 Dates Drive

Nestled in the heart of Aurora between the lakeshore and the tree-lined main street, a sanctuary for personal discovery, well-being, and relaxation awaits to restore and transform you. The Loft at the Inns of Aurora offers massage and bodywork exclusively by Rasa Spa.

With hand-hewn beams and plentiful light, the Loft — built in 1903 as the village school — now offers an airy, fully-equipped yoga studio and two private, beadboard-lined treatment rooms.

Massages and treatments, unless otherwise arranged, take place in the Loft, but in-room massage is also available.

Visit http://www.innsofaurora.com/the-loft/ for more information.

310 Taughannock Boulevard

Rasa has a continual presence in the Ithaca community. Whether it’s offering massage at one of Ithaca’s many running races, the Cayuga Lake Triathlon, or at a community event, we support our active community members as much as possible.

Our Green Practices

At Rasa Spa we are committed to the preservation of our planet earth and are proactively involved in conserving our precious natural resources. Rasa is truly holistic in its approach to wellness and provides an environmentally-friendly sanctuary where guests come to rest, relax, rejuvenate, and focus on improved health and vitality.

Our efforts include recycling, composting, reduced water and energy usage, and planet-friendly products throughout the spa. Personal health, longevity, and planetary sustainability all connect in the spa experience at Rasa. We not only offer eco-friendly and luxurious organic products, but also very effective organic spa treatments to bring balance, relaxation, and total well-being to our clients. All skin and body products are free of carcinogens and produced by companies committed to the highest standards of health and environmental responsibility.

Our Green Practices:
  • We use microfiber sheets, which have a longer lifespan and lighter laundry load than cotton fabrics. They dry in half the time and are recyclable at the end of their life at the spa.
  • Local artists and craftspeople furnished much of the spa with eco-sensitive materials, including recycled driftwood and re-purposed wood.
  • We use organic textiles and non-toxic paints composed of natural ingredients like clay, plant oils, and latex from rubber trees.
  • Low-flow shower heads and toilets have been installed throughout our facilities.
  • Our boutique, changing rooms, and tranquility room use LED lighting.
  • Compact flourescent bulbs are used in almost every light in the spa and offices. All treatment rooms now have dimmable compact flourescent bulbs that enhance the spa ambiance.
  • Our offices use 100% post-consumer, recycled paper.
  • 100% recycled toilet tissue, paper towels, and facial tissue are used throughout the spa.
What You Can Do While Visiting Rasa:
  • Deposit waste in the appropriate trash, compost, or recycling bins.
  • Keep the same compostable cup with you to hydrate after each of your treatments.
  • Flush only toilet paper.
  • Turn the sauna timer on only for the length of time you plan to use it.
  • Run showers only for as long as necessary.

The Rasa Blog

Check out the Rasa blog for featured treatments, highlighted staff members, education opportunities for our clients, and more.

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